Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wipeout and Rescue

Five famous yacht racers recovered from a capsize and continued on to Shilshole Marina where they were rescued by the novice sailors at the Seattle Sailing Club. The yacht was retrieved by a 50 ton crane at the north end of the marina and all will live to tell grand tales of the huge seas and hurricane force winds on the 2009 Duwamish Head Race.


TTPYC Racing - said...

Unimaginable that every yacht racer on this particular yacht was able to safely reach land without injury on such an incredibly cold and windy day as was had on the 2009 Duwamish Head race.

Anonymous said...

Hurricane force winds? Was this the same race held on Saturday, Jan 10th of 2009 and maybe I drank too much after the race to actually remember? It was at best a blustery day but nothing akin to hurricane force winds. More or less the crew didn't expect the vortex at Alki Point - as many boats went through trying to manage the shifts with their spinnaker up rounding the point. Hurricane type winds - not, was there and have been through several hurricanes!

TTPYC Racing - said...

I don't know who deposited the Wipeout and Rescue image and commentary. Nor, was I out on the water, simply secure out on the pier! I suppose you racers will have to figure this one out. S. Waters